I play code golf on Anarchy Golf under the alias “xsot”. Below is a list of endless problems for which I am the sole submitter of the shortest solutionsWithin a particular language’s leaderboard, of course.. That is, the record byte count I have set for these problems have yet to be matched by anyone else at the time of writing this post.

While I quite enjoy the exclusivity of owning the solution of a puzzle that eludes the rest of the world, I would be just as thrilled to see old problems revisited by new competition. This post is an open challenge to everyone. Fight me!

Even the best solutions do not always last forever. It is not unusual for a problem to stagnate for years after the initial bubble of activity, only for the previous record to be beaten long after everyone else has given up. And I would not be surprised if this were the case for the trickier problems that I have not fully explored such as maze solving or Trace Paths.